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Who We Are

We work with a select group of musicians from around the world.

We are here to promote the careers of select traditional and original story-singers, centering sound healers and groove-masters of lifeforce music. Perhaps you can see yourself as an edu-tainer or keynote musician-speaker as you gain momentum and sustainable success in your performance and recording career. What we do in partnership with featured artists is develop the formats and book the appropriate venues that will grow your successful mission. We are a music management label.


Fulcrum 8 Music initially was conceived by request. We serve the artist who asks: "Now that I have brought my art to this level of mastery, how can I share it and be remunerated?"


Our core values come from a desire to circulate inspiration and information through music and to facilitate our featured artists in integrity. This is the new trend in music management.


We are committed to creating closer linkages and successful communication with event planners and venues as well as funneling musical ingredients through a host of digital marketing and distribution platforms leading to enhanced financial independence. We continue to learn, network and make successful, friendly business associations on an ongoing basis.

Career Facilitation

We aim through our knowledge and efforts to consistently uplift; to boost and inspire our clients - select artists from around the world who express their dedication from a found healing ingredient circuiting through music which moves the body, feeds the soul and reaches the spirit - beyond the first octave of inspiration and on to successive octaves of regeneration and reciprocity. We believe in the power of music.

What We Do

We provide a full range of management and recording label services.


Artist Development & Career Building

Career Building includes step-by-step development. Putting together a cohesive concept and musical identity for our featured artists.

Booking and Showcasing

We book performance venues, events and tours geared to establish and sustain your momentum. We make the proposals, negotiate and have necessary paperwork required by events and venues. Showcasing refers to Fulcrum 8 Music Revue concert productions.

Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution is a vital part of reaching the listeners who will pay to enjoy your recorded music. Music lovers want to access their favorite artists on their various go-to music platforms. We do the work of digital music distribution for our featured performing and recording artists.


Career building includes creating a recognizable musical message on your own websites and more. We help you focus and grow a marketing presence that attracts the interest of super-fans who can't wait to know what you're up to musically and what they can do to hear, see, experience and feel more invested in your success.

Physical Media and Merchandise

We encourage and assist our artists to provide their listeners and fans with physical music and other signature merchandise.

Studio Recording, Mixing and Mastering

We take select artists from rough tracks to mastered albums ready for digital distribution and/or vinyl production.

Featured Artists

These are some of our featured artists and we are excited to have you check them out on your favorite music platforms.

Baba Shibambo

Zulu Traditional Original
from South Africa

Zulu Traditional Original
from South Africa


South American Folklorico

South American Folklorico

Jerome "Hawk" Freeman

Wild-Ass Spark-of-the-Infinite

Wild-Ass Spark-of-the-Infinite

Tule Lazule



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Tule Lazule
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